IBM® Edge Delivery Services powered by Akamai
200,000+ servers globally
2.5 Trillion+ interactions delivered daily

Now more than ever you need to focus on business continuity. Your organization needs fast, reliable and secure web delivery... anywhere, anytime, on any device - that's what IBM Edge Delivery Services delivers. Powered by the Akamai Intelligent Platform, our network manages the underlying complexities of online business - so you can focus forward.

Balance Workload and Reduce Infrastructure Investment

We load balance data across our thousands of data centers and detect load conditions to optimize efficiency. And with no hardware, software or device limitations, IBM Edge Delivery Services minimizes your need for costly infrastructure.

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Optimize the User Experience to Maximize Business Success

Companies using IBM Edge Delivery Services increase web and app engagement, grow online revenue, reduce site and cart abandonment and easily handle seasonal spikes in website and application usage.

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Strengthen Website and Application Security

IBM Edge Delivery Services works with your existing infrastructure to deliver always-on protection that authenticates valid traffic at the network edge. It absorbs even the most intensive DDoS, SQL injection and cross-site scripting attacks.

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Improve Performance for Mobile and Cellular Users

We leverage deep deployments in cellular networks, accelerate API and image calls relied on by apps and embed on-device, network-aware capabilities that adapt to changing network conditions.

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