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IBM Edge Delivery Services works across diverse industries to improve the way business is conducted over the web. Click on the industries below to learn how we’re transforming the way their data, applications and transactions operate online.

Banking & Finance

Due to its safety and speed, IBM Edge Delivery Services is a top platform choice for financial institutions looking to simplify and secure online transactions and application delivery. As of 2015, most top organizations are protected by the Akamai Intelligent Platform.

The top 10 US banks

The top 10 asset managers

5 of the top 10 FinTech companies

Over 100 banks worldwide

Energy & Utilities

The Energy & Utilities industry can leverage IBM Edge Delivery Services to drive business by increasing performance and availability to end users while optimizing their applications for speed and safety. The Akamai Intelligent Platform is being used by:

7 of the top 10 Electric Utility Companies in North America

3 of the top 6 Energy and Utility companies

2 out of the top 3 Oil and Gas companies

Healthcare & Life Sciences

One of the 10 largest medical device manufacturers in the world chose to equip its salesforce with Tableau, enabling them to make timely, informed and data-driven sales decisions. Maximizing the value of the new software required making Tableau accessible from any location and on any device. When adoption plateaued at 80% because the sales reps were frustrated with waiting for the VPN connection to work, the company knew they needed to make a change.

They turned to the Akamai Intelligent Platform to enable access to Tableau in a way that didn’t require a VPN connection and still kept sensitive and proprietary information secure.

Achieved 100% adoption

Eliminated the need for VPN

Improved application performance by 60%

Enhanced protection against web application attack


A European engineering company required IT-based integration of product planning and production to ensure a successful global rollout of a central web content management system. The new integration also needed to manage growing web traffic volumes at reduced costs. The corporation needed quick delivery of SharePoint files to users in China and to protect intellectual capital, they did not want to store data locally in China.

The specific demands of the project led the company to select IBM Edge Delivery Services as their solution, as it had the capability to accelerate the web-based application and improve the delivery of the SharePoint application.

Traffic growth without expanding the web infrastructure

Reduction in latency delivering content to China

Increased performance of globally deployed web applications

Public Sector Services

After a weekend of cyberattacks, the CIO of the Canadian based Police Service contacted IBM’s cyber security team for advice on moving its web infrastructure to the cloud. They wanted to create a bulletproof buffer against cyberattacks and threats of any scale and sophistication.

Within 30 hours of the engagement kick off, their site had been migrated to the cloud and the Akamai Intelligent Platform implemented. The site is now monitored 24/7 by IBM’s cyber security team, so any attack attempts are addressed in real time, which also alleviates the internal security team from having to handle long, intensive and unplanned shifts.

Offload of Internet traffic

Uninterrupted website availability

Reduction in load on internal servers

Increased public confidence

Retail, Wholesale Distribution and Sales

A popular bridal website was launching a new online feature that would require four times more hardware to support the highly dynamic site. IBM Edge Delivery Services provided a solution to offload intensive processing from the application servers while boosting performance and security. By providing faster operation for the configuration tool with no additional investments for growth, IBM Edge Delivery Services contributed to:

Reduction in web servers

Decrease in bandwidth requirements

Lower CPU utilization

More traffic supported