Online Performance – Fast. Reliable. Secure.

IBM® Edge Delivery Services accelerates web content and application delivery, provides instant device-level detection and optimization, and identifies, absorbs, and blocks security threats. We're the content delivery network that solves the challenges of supporting online business.

Website and Application Security

IBM Edge Delivery Services enhances website and application security by supporting your existing infrastructure to quickly and easily spot malicious behavior and thwart attacks.

We deliver an array of cloud-based security services to protect you from DDoS attacks, SQL injection, cross-site scripting and other common threats, all of which can harm applications or compromise sensitive data.

Reduction in risk of downtime, defacement, and data theftReduced costs associated with handling spikes in attack traffic
Protection of revenue, customer loyalty, and brand equityElimination of unnecessary capital expenditure on security hardware and software

“The performance bar is high, with a guideline of one-second response times for mobile and web pages and apps, regardless of network conditions.”
– Forrester Report “Building High-Performing Mobile Experiences

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Mobile Experience Optimization

To assure a high performing mobile web infrastructure, an organization must recognize and avoid key barriers including variable last internet mile conditions, complex rich-media requirements and lack of network-aware intelligence in apps. IBM Edge Delivery Services can circumvent these hurdles by:

  • Leveraging deep deployments in cellular networks to help optimize performance
  • Providing intelligent platform services tailored to accelerating the API and image calls that mobile apps heavily rely on
  • Embedding on-device, network-aware capabilities that enable apps to deliver better user experiences across changing network conditions
  • Making real-user app performance monitoring available that ties performance metrics to business objectives

Tailored Content Delivery

With cloud image management capabilities, the IBM Edge Delivery Services platform will automatically optimize images to deliver the highest quality with the least bytes. The platform can also convert images to the size best suited for each device, application and screen dimension.

Further, the platform applies web and API optimizations adaptively to sites and apps based on continuous analysis of real-time conditions specific to the end-user’s browser, device, network speed, and presence of third-party services.

“66% of Americans own at least two digital devices — smartphone, desktop or laptop computer, or tablet — and 36% own all three.”

– Pew Research Center

Workload Balance Intelligence

The IBM® Edge Delivery platform is integrated in thousands of ISP locations, allowing data to be load balanced across multiple data centers, and making the most efficient use of your infrastructure. With hundreds of thousands of servers worldwide, the platform can detect load conditions, and route traffic reliably to the appropriate data source. This translates to real impact:

  • Reduce web server usage by 50-70%
  • Cut internet bandwidth usage by 70-95%
  • Eliminate peak load needs by 10-30%

IT Cost and Complexity Reduction

With no hardware, software or device limitations, IBM Edge Delivery Services is easily enabled and greatly reduces your need to purchase additional infrastructure. Leveraging a global, standard solution for delivering applications, it eliminates the need to deploy numerous point solutions. Employing this drastic simplification will deliver a more consistent level of service across your entire application portfolio.

We provide developer-friendly open APIs for quick and easy performance optimizations, and give you access to a team of award-winning internet experts who can get you up and running easily, answer questions 24×7 and inspire innovation as your strategies evolve.